Professional 24/7 Phone Counseling Services

Relationships are not easy and we all need support sometimes, develop tools and goals to overcome obstacles and to stay on your path with the help of a Relationship Coach. Love your relationship to the fullest!

In today’s society many of us enter relationships without good role models, or with Disney role models that do not work very well. This could be one explanation as to why the divorce rate is high and some couples who stay married end up being dissatisfied in some aspect of their relationship.

These relationship problems can be erased by learning important skills that lead to a happy, healthy, lasting relationship.  Unfortunately, relationship success is not part of our general education, but there are still options available to you if you want to learn and improve.

Do you find that you do not have the communication skills to succeed? These relationship problems can be eliminated by learning important skills that lead to a happy, healthy and lasting relationship. Think about relationship and marriage counseling as the text book you never read in school.  It provides you with the key tools and techniques to succeed. Through coaching you will not only get help to resolve your issues – you will learn essential skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

In the first session you will learn how to communicate in a new way that is more productive than what you are likely doing. This is so important because with safe, effective communication you can talk about anything without fighting. Once you can do that, life can get pretty good. When people feel safe to connect they open up about everything and the love will grow from there. Of course you might learn other skills too, depending on your relationship and your needs. You might have “hidden issues”, need to nurture your friendship or improve your sexual life. Every coaching session is customized to fit your needs and your goals.

What’s the difference between Relationship Therapy and Coaching?

Coaching and traditional therapy differ, and they can be used separately or together, but you should let both your therapist and coach know that you are doing both. Therapy helps you understand attitudes or behaviors in your past, and can help you with deep-rooted problems. Therapists can diagnose and treat mental disorders. Coaching focuses on the present and moves you forward by setting goals and then learning new skills to help you meet those goals. Coaches are collaborators as well as experts.

How Does Phone Counseling Work?

Coaching is flexible – ideally meeting 1 time per week, but you can spread out the length of time between sessions or meet as needed. Sessions are between 30 minutes and an hour (all first sessions must be 1 hour). Sessions are done by phone at your convenience (days, evenings and weekends are available).  As your coach I will listen, observe and customize tools to your individual needs.

As your coach, I will ask questions, make requests (probably give you some homework), and challenge you to reach your goals. E-mail support is available between sessions.

Professional Telephone Counseling Solutions

Are you looking for something different from therapy, but just as effective? Too busy to go to a professionals office during their limited hours? Get help and advice right in your own home.  Appointments are available in the evenings and on the weekends.

We are not born with the skills to have a great relationship nor are we taught these skills in school.  Working with a relationship coach is like having your own private relationship tutor.  Someone who can encourage you, help you understand things, teach you new skills and keep you on track too.

Are you having relationship issues and not sure how to solve them?

Are you considering divorce as a serious option?

Is it hard for the two of you to find time to meet with a counselor?

Are you more motivated than your partner to work on your relationship?

Have you lost the affection and love in your relationship?

I can help you with all of this and more!

Telephone Counseling Options:

1. I offer 25 minute and 55 minute telephone appointments. You can book one or order a package of three.

2. I schedule appointments daytime, evening or for your convenience weekend hours are available too. You can use your Visa or MasterCard at the time of your service.

Phone Counseling Pricing:

  • 25 minute sessions – $80
  • 55 minute sessions – $150
  • Four 55 minute sessions $500

I am ready to talk to a coach or to set up an appointment! Great! Call me today at (303) 482-7588!